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What to include in an essay intro

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Bertolt Brecht: The Epic Theorist Essay Sample. What To Include Essay? Bertolt Brecht was a poet, a playwright, and an influential leader of how to plan, theatre in the 20th century. Berthold Brecht was born in East Germany in 1898. His first play, Baal, was written while Brecht was a medical student in Munich. His first success, ‘Drums in the Night’ was written while serving as a medical orderly in World War I. It earned him Germany’s highest award for dramatic writing, the Kleist Prize. That was the beginning of Brecht’s list of accomplishments and contributions to the world of theater. Brecht’s largest contributions and achievements in theatre came with the what to include in an essay intro, creation of Epic Theatre. Bertolt was a Marxist; “he sought to make audiences evaluate the philosophy thesis, socioeconomic implications of what they saw in the theatre.

Making them want to alter the what in an essay intro, economic system and how to work to to include in an intro, bring about changes”(Brockett 117). His views disagreed with Aristotelian principle that the audience should suspend their disbelief during the performance. Brecht believed the theatre should not seek to make its audience believe in the presence of the ghost, characters on what essay intro, the stage, but should rather make the audience watch with critical detachment. He achieved that detachment with the use of what is the word, a concept called Verfremdungseffekt or “alienation effect”. Brecht’s style of production was largely that of his “alienation effect”. In order to create the necessary critical detachment, techniques were devised such as exposing the what to include in an essay intro, theatrical means, having a barren set, setting the action in another time or place, and using captions or placards before or in between scenes.

Another way he sought his alienation was through the use of disparity between various theatrical elements. Brecht also instructed his actors to never fully immerge themselves into essay in spanish their character, always making sure to be critically aware. Brecht explains, “His feelings must not at bottom be those of the character, so that the in an, audience#8217;s may not at bottom be those of the and political, character either. The audience must have complete freedom#8221;(Brecht 17). What To Include Intro? In the same year he developed “epic theatre” (1928) he also worked with composer Kurt Weill and created the successful satirical ballad opera, The Threepenny Opera. He wrote most of his great plays during the years he was exiled and cut off from German theatre between 1938 and 1945. He collected his major theoretical essays and dialogues, and anti-copy paper many of the poems as Svendborger Gedichte. During that time he wrote Mother Courage and Her Children, a play during the Thirty Year War; and The Good Woman of Setzuan, set in prewar China about a girl using a separate personality to help her with her problems. Finally, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, a story about what to include, struggles over custody of a child between the rich mother who abandoned it and the servant girl who cares for it. Bertolt Brecht moved back to Berlin and created his own company called the Berliner Ensemble.

In 1955 he won the Stalin Peace Prize and died from a heart attack the following year while working on thesis for expository, a response to Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for to include in an intro Godot. Bertolt Brecht was a poet, a playwright, and an influential leader of theatre in the 20th century. Many theatrical conventions today derive from Brecht’s techniques. Brecht created Epic Theatre with the idea that the audience retains a critical detachment throughout. How To Plan? “The purpose of the theater thus was not to to include in an, imitate life but to thesis for expository, educate the audience”(About 5). Brecht wrote that there was “no more noble aim for any theater.” #8220;About Epic Theatre.#8221; Mother Courage and to include essay intro Her Children Study Guide : About #8220;Epic Theater#8221; Grade Saver, n.d. Web. 02 Dec. Ghost Paper? 2012. #8220;Bertolt Brecht.#8221; Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956).

Theatre Database, n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2012. What To Include In An Intro? Brockett, Oscar G., and Robert J. Ball. #8220;Chapter 7: Modernism and It#8217;s Effect.#8221; The Essential Theatre. Tenth ed. New York: Holt, Rinehart and watermark paper Winston, 1976.

177+. Print. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Bertolt Brecht: The Epic Theorist. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Bertolt Brecht: The Epic Theorist. Brecht#8217;s Epic Theatre was a break from the prevailing form of theatre what Brecht called Dramatic Theatre. Epic theatre was a clearly different type of theatre and Brecht sought#8230; On Thursday, November 7, I saw a performance of Baal, written by Bertolt Brecht and directed by Evan Parry.

The play was not an emotional play, but an what to include essay, intellectual play#8230;. Watermark Paper? A man for all seasons by Robert Bolt, The character of the to include, common man seems to carry traits of disloyalty and selfishness when he appears in the play portraying different#8230; #8220;The Odyssey#8221; by Homer an epic hero. In the book The Odyssey by Homer, the main character, Odysseus, is depicted as being similar an epic hero. There is a question, though, as to whether or not he#8230; Significance of Shamhat: #8220;The Epic of Gilgamesh#8221; The role of women in The Epic of Gilgamesh is very important.

One particular issue that is demonstrated is the status of women in The Epic of Gilgamesh. This is#8230; In this essay I am going to deal with the two epic texts called: #8220;The Epic of Gilgamesh#8221; and Homer#8217;s #8220;Odyssey#8221;. For both texts, I will discuss the cultural value#8230;

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Language And Culture Essays and Research Papers. Cultural Function of Language Many animal and what to include in an essay intro even plant species communicate with each other. Humans are not unique in this capability. . However, human language is unique in mla research format being a symbolic communication system that is learned instead of to include essay intro biologically inherited. What Word Essay In Spanish! Culture is the set of shared patterns of behaviors and what essay intro interactions, cognitive constructs, and thesis for expository essay affective understanding that are learned through a process of to include in an essay socialization. These shared patterns identify the members of watermark paper a culture group while also. Anthropology , Culture , Language 1184 Words | 4 Pages. Can language be used as a political instrument?

Language is a system of signs and meanings that usually shared by a . What To Include In An Intro! community of people. There is no doubt that language is very important and paper necessary in the society. Language offers people the means for interaction and to depict ‘people, places and things’. (Butt and to include in an intro David, 1986) Edward Sapir (1884–1939),an American linguist and anthropologist, was the and political thesis, first one who proposed the idea that the power of what language can influence culture and thinkings. Communism , Language , Linguistic relativity 1622 Words | 3 Pages. Language and Culture One’s culture affects almost all of one’s communication behaviors. I discovered an article . written by Margaret Cote, “ Language Reflects Culture ,” that reveals many of the differences between the Saulteaux language and the English language . Margaret Cote states, “ Language determines the way a person views the writer paper, world.” She describes how Indian people view things around them differently then English speaking people do. Margaret Cote says that she views the world around her in. Communication , Cross-cultural communication , Culture 968 Words | 3 Pages. To what extent can the language and literature of a nation or a race reflect the history and culture of this nation or race? To . what extent can the soul of a nation and the universal values in the innermost recesses of the to include essay, minds of humanity be revealed in the language and literature of a given country? To those questions, only the person who is anti-copy watermark paper, long engaged in the study of this field can find distinctive answers and develop unique perceptions.

I believe that the perception of the historical and cultural. English language , English studies , Linguistics 1385 Words | 4 Pages. Is Language Influenced by Culture? CCHU9042 Human Language : Nature or Nurture? Final Report Is Language Influenced by Culture ? . Culture and language have long been believed to be intimately interrelated. What Essay! Defined by anthropologist Tylor (1871, p.1), culture is plan a essay, that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. People learn culture through language . Language , one of the.

Anthropology , Culture , Language 1230 Words | 5 Pages. Discuss the role of language in culture . Language is the most important aspect in the life of all humans. A . language is the human capacity for acquiring and to include in an essay intro using complex systems of communication, and a language is any specific example of such a system. Mla Research! ( language is a method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and what in an intro conventional way. Plan! We use language to express or inner thoughts and to include emotions, make sense of abstract thoughts. Language , Linguistic relativity , Linguistics 1441 Words | 4 Pages. The Importance of Language and Culture. Importance of Language and Culture Diana Everett COM200 Instructor Terrance Frazier April 04, 2011 The Importance of . Language and thesis Culture There are two forms of what in an communications--verbal and non-verbal.

Nonverbal communication is usually understood as the ghost writer paper, process of communication through sending and receiving wordless messages. Language is not the only source of intro communication, there are other means also. Messages can be communicated through gestures and touch, by body language or posture. Communication , Culture , Language 2122 Words | 7 Pages. Language: an Expression of Culture. Language – An Expression of Culture It is apparent from the sociolinguistic study and research of past couple of watermark paper centuries that . there is a fascinating and complex relationship between the language spoken by members of a social group and its culture . What Essay! One commonly held belief is that the culture of a speaker is reflected in his or her speech. What Essay! The accent, vocabulary, style of speaking and structure of arguments identify a speaker as a member to a certain cultural group or society. This particular notion.

Anthropology , Benjamin Lee Whorf , Culture 1194 Words | 4 Pages. Culture and language - definitions and influence Anastasiya Semenova Student no 120053 Cultural . Anthropology, Newbold College Esther Oenga 25th of September 2012 Table of contents Introduction . In An! 2 What is watermark paper, culture ? . 2 What. Anthropology , Culture , Dictionary 972 Words | 3 Pages. Pop Culture , encompasses the world of celebrities -their movies, their music, their homes, their cars, and their controversies- this is . perhaps the essay intro, most well-known form of culture . But this culture lacks one thing, real culture . Real culture is tangible and intangible, its extent streams summer scenes of dancing, eating, talking, and celebrating. It also creates winter images of anti-copy watermark paper sipping hot chocolate while watching TV. Culture , in its true essence is what any person can call home. However, what. Cultural imperialism , Culture , High culture 1455 Words | 4 Pages. role of culture in language teaching. ????? ?????? ????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ??????? ???? ??? 2 ???????? ????? Teacher : S . H . Sadat Culture in in an essay Second . Language Teaching Elizabeth Peterson and Bronwyn Coltrane, Center for Applied Linguistics The National Center for Cultural Competence defines culture as an “integrated pattern of human behavior that includes thoughts, communications, languages , practices, beliefs, values, customs, courtesies, rituals, manners of interacting and roles, relationships and expected. Culture , Foreign language , Language 2206 Words | 7 Pages.

role of culture in language teaching. It is now argued that a very close relationship exists between culture and generator for expository essay learning /teaching, and that learners can learn better if the way of . their learning corresponds to the cultural features of their society. Taking this argument into account, many linguists, teachers and researchers now suggest that language teaching-learning practices in the classroom should be based on learners’ culture . They argue that if there is a harmony between the mode of teaching-learning activities in the classroom. Cognition , Cognitive psychology , Cognitive science 1821 Words | 5 Pages. Sean E. In An! English 102 Body language is thesis essay, not language in the strict sense of the to include in an, word language ; it is in fact, a . broad term for forms of communication using body movements, gestures, facial expressions and eye behaviors in addition to sounds, verbal language , or other forms of thesis generator communication. Although we may not realize it when we talk with others, we make ourselves understood not only by words but also by what to include in an essay our body language . Body language sometimes helps make communication easy and effective. In. Communication , Cross-cultural communication , Culture 1956 Words | 6 Pages. The Importance of Body Language in ghost writer Cultures. 2011 2 Tel:+86-551-5690811 5690812 The Importance of Body Language in Cultures , . ( , , 262700 ) Abstract:Communication is necessary to people's daily life.

Although we may not realize it when we talk with others, we make ourselves understood not only by words. Body language sometimes helps make the communication easy and effective. Body language is treated as equivalent to nonverbal communication which sends 65 percent communication message. In. Communication , Culture , Eye contact 1619 Words | 7 Pages. communicating to the inferior. The way rulers communicate to their inferiors is a key part of society, and what essay dictates the syntax of the thesis generator for expository, language . . Therefore power reflects on the flexibility and structure of the language . In Mrs. Brady’s class lectures describing “The History of the English language ” she states that before Viking invasions the Pagan Anglo-Saxon language consisted mainly of religious, domestic and mundane words such as “fork, mile, table, alter, mass” and “ school”. In 1066 A.D Norman.

Adolf Hitler , England , English language 1127 Words | 3 Pages. The “French Language Culture” in what to include intro Canada. “French language culture ” in Canada Summary: As I’m majoring in the French language , I want to talk about the . “French language culture ” in Canada in order to indicate the anti-copy, Canadian multiculturalism and what intro the important role of the language . In this paper, I’ll mainly discuss three points: firstly a brief introduction of the basic situation of the French language in writer Canada; secondly the difference between Canadian French and what intro common French; Finally the battle between the two official languages at present. Canada , English language , French Canadian 932 Words | 3 Pages. An Analysis of the Untranslatability of is the word in spanish Language and to include in an Culture. ?An Analysis of the Untranslatability of Language and Culture A case in A Dream of Red Mansions By ?? Duwei A term . paper Submitted to the Foreign Language and Literature Department Baoji University of Arts and anti-copy paper Sciences Class:6 Grade:2011 Term paper advisor: Student’s signature: Date: An Analysis of the Untranslatability of what to include in an essay intro Language and Culture A case in A Dream of Red Mansions ?? ?.Introduction The purpose of translation determines that the. Historical linguistics , Language , Linguistics 1449 Words | 6 Pages.

Characteristics of writer paper Culture, Class Language. Compare the what in an essay intro, generic characteristics of counseling with respect to culture , class, and language , with Native American . characteristics in terms of culture , class, and language . What Word Essay In Spanish! Which characteristics most closely reflect your culture , class, and language ? Of the Native American characteristics there are not very many that closely reflect my German culture at all. The Native American people have a holistic view on life, keep to oneself, rely heavily on extended family, not competitive and often very. Americas , Extended family , Family 813 Words | 3 Pages. Language Gender and Culture Essay. ? Language , Gender, and Culture Essay In our world there are so people that are being overrated, from their skin color, to how . they talk or to intro, where they came from or the is the word in spanish, way they walk, everything from what people wear to where people come from and their ethnic background. These people are looked down on from the rest of society for just being themselves and doing only what they know to do. What To Include In An! For some, it’s wrong if others do not act just like them and format they put them down for it. Stereotypes can. Antagonist , Audre Lorde , Audre Lorde Project 879 Words | 3 Pages.

Impact of Priorities on the Intersection of what in an essay Language and Culture. Brady AP Language and Literature 16 September 2012 Impact of Priorities on the Intersection of Language . and Culture The impact of language on what word essay in spanish culture and culture on language are all essentially based on priorities. What In An! A priority can be described as a resource or activity that a culture gives specified attention to. Distinguishing the priorities of a culture can be easily done by taking a look at their language or at their culture . The priorities of essay in spanish cultures , such as that. Animal Farm , Big Brother , Bill Bryson 1330 Words | 5 Pages. The Influence of Language on Culture and Vice Versa.

Duran 1 Louie Duran Mrs. Brady A.P. In An Intro! English Language and Composition 18 September 2012 The Influence of Language on . Culture and Vice Versa Through a definitive perspective, language is how to plan, one of the most quintessential aspects to characterizing culture . Similarly, culture is what can finitely or infinitely bind a region to what to include intro, a single method of communication. Through complex analysis, the most imperative concepts that bring them into how to paper a mutual symbiosis involve the act of using both as a utensil. Bill Bryson , Dialect , English language 1328 Words | 4 Pages. of English as a world language and evaluate these factors Student:Joe(N3227683) . What To Include Essay Intro! Tutor:AF Pre-sessional English courses (10 weeks) Language is the carrier of culture and ghost paper portrayal of cultural. Language and culture is inseparable. Each language have their own culture . What In An! In today’s, English as a world language has a seriously effect on ghost paper the culture diversity.

The radical. English language , First language , French language 1066 Words | 4 Pages. Importance of language The importance of what to include in an essay language is and political philosophy thesis, essential to every aspect and interaction in our everyday lives. We use . To Include In An Essay! language to inform the people around us of what we feel, what we desire, and question/understand the world around us. We communicate effectively with our words, gestures, and tone of voice in a multitude of situation. Would you talk to a small child with the same words you would in ghost paper a business meeting. Being able to communicate with each other, form bonds, teamwork, and it’s. Communication , Graphic communication , Interpersonal relationship 1164 Words | 3 Pages. Culture is one of the most important and basic concepts of what to include in an essay intro sociology. In sociology culture has a specific meaning.

The . anthropologists believe that the behaviour which is meant is called culture . In other words the behavior which is mla research, transmitted to us by what to include in an some one is called culture . The way of living, eating, wearing, singing, dancing and talking are all parts of is the a culture . In common parlance, the what, word culture , is understood to mean beautiful, refined or interesting. In sociology we use the word. Anthropology , Culture , Human 1326 Words | 6 Pages. Ch. 2 Characteristics of Culture ?The Concept of Culture ? Culture is Learned ? Culture is Shared . ? Culture is Based on Symbols ? Culture Gives Meaning to Reality ?Functions of Culture ? Culture and mla research format Change ?Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism What is Culture ? Superstructure: Superstructure A culture’s worldview, including morals and values, oftentimes grounded in religion Social structure: structure The rule-governed relationships—with all their rights and in an essay obligations—that hold members of a society. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural relativism 564 Words | 9 Pages. Chapter 2 – Culture Summary The concept of mla research format culture is sometimes easier to grasp by description rather than definition. All . human groups possess culture , which consists of the language , beliefs, values, norms, and material objects that are passed from what essay intro, one generation to the next. Although the particulars of what is the culture may differ from one group to another, culture itself is universal-all societies develop shared, learned ways of perceiving and participating in the world around them.

Culture can be subdivided. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Cultural assimilation 942 Words | 3 Pages. What is what intro, culture ? Ian Robertson defines culture as all the shared products of how to plan a essay paper society Culture is a natural . development of social behaviorism- social life and activities of human beings ( by George Herbert Mead). The evolution of culture is based on intelligence reaction to what to include essay, experience and ghost writer paper needs. Why is it important for Social Science? Culture is very important to Social Science. The concepts of culture and what to include in an intro Social Science are closely related. Social Science mostly refers to anti-copy, the academic. Anthropology , Civilization , Culture 540 Words | 3 Pages. South Africa - Diverse in Culture but Could Be Unified in Language. South Africa is diverse in what to include essay culture but could be unified in language . Mla Research! English should be South Africa's unifying . language . It is necessary to understand what nationhood is, so that you the reader realise that a national language does not alter a nation.

It binds the to include essay, nation. I will also discuss South Africa's diverse cultures and how a unifying language can merge these cultures . Lastly, I will demonstrate the format, links between language and identity. br brThe concept of a nation is not easily defined. Africa , Afrikaans , Commonwealth of Nations 1318 Words | 4 Pages. Literature as a Medium Which Conveys the essay, Culture of the Target Language. literature in language teaching 4. Literature as an for expository essay instruments that stimulates the knowledge of the what to include in an essay intro, culture 5.Applying . literature and culture in language teaching classroom 6.Conclusion 7-Bibiography LITERATURE AS A MEDIUM WHICH CONVEYS THE CULTURE OF THE TARGET LANGUAGE Abstract : Literature has mostly been regarded as one of the pedagogical disciplines in teaching a foreign language and as a site for exchange between cultures .However the study of mla research both foreign and home cultures can act. Culture , Foreign language , Language education 1681 Words | 5 Pages. Guatemala: New Culture, New Language. New Culture , New Language Imagine being in what to include in an intro a new place in a new country, where you can’t understand the people talking to you, . or even a simple street sign. This all happened to me the summer before my first year of high school when I went to Guatemala. By working closely with the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, there was no hesitation when my church was offered the opportunity to work internationally with such an amazing organization. Habitat for word essay, Humanity is what, a non-profit Christian housing.

Brick , Cement , Concrete 1969 Words | 5 Pages. Subject: Culture in International Business Word Count: 1153 words TABLE OF CONTENT . Introduction…………………………………………3 Stereotyping…………………………………………6 Culture Shock……………………………………….7 Conclusion…………………………………………. 8 Reference List……………………………………….9 Reflection Sheet……………………………………11 Introduction: Culture refers to the integrated knowledge shared and the sum total of behavior of a large group. Cross-cultural communication , Culture , Shock 1542 Words | 7 Pages. Often described as the expression of anti-copy watermark culture , language is essential for communication. At present, one of the most common primary . languages in the world is French. To Include Essay! While there are certainly many more varieties of French, Quebec French and France French are among the leading examples. This paper is meant to highlight the differences between these two French dialects. The major difference between Quebec French and French in France lies in the vocabulary.

First, there is a presence of how to plan a essay words in each. Anglicism , Dialect , English language 1029 Words | 3 Pages. CULTURE AND ITS IMPORTANCE TO SOCIOLOGY STUDENT ID: 2057434 DATE: 3/12/2012 Culture is the way of life of a certain group . of people. It simply describes what different groups of people believe, think and the values of life unto which the strongly hold on. It consists of the beliefs, behaviours, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of to include a particular group or society. Culture includes many societal elements apart from the above mentioned, they are: language , values, customs. Anthropology , Culture , Max Weber 1592 Words | 5 Pages.

Language and Culture There are many who would say much about language and culture . Some might even . say that the format, two are intertwined. There is ample evidence that language determines a culture . To Include Essay Intro! However some would save that language does not determine culture . Essay! My personal belief is that the use of the to include in an essay, language determines the culture . One such place to find this evidence would be in any branch of the United States' armed forces. Every day military culture includes a vast variety of ways to make the. Non-commissioned officer , R. What Word In Spanish! Lee Ermey , United States 578 Words | 2 Pages. ? CULTURE What Makes Us Strangers When We Are Away from Home? Culture – is an what intro abstract concept. You can’t touch it or see most . of how to plan it, and much of it can’t be measured. But it has molded each of us into whom and what we are. The way we dress, what we eat for dinner and how we eat it, how we speak, what color we paint our houses, and what we think about these things. - is dynamic and what in an essay intro adaptive.

COMPONENTS of CULTURE 1. Cognitive Process Learning, knowledge and how to plan a essay perceiving What people think, how. Anthropology , Culture , Human skin color 707 Words | 3 Pages. Language, Culture Society: an Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology. LANGUAGE , CULTURE SOCIETY: AN INTRODUCTION TO LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY Language , . Culture Society: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology Language , Culture Society: An Introduction to to include in an, Linguistic Anthropology Anthropology, a study of human kind, is and has been concerned with all aspects of human society. Within anthropology are four main subfields: physical/biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology.

Anthropology , Human , Language 1433 Words | 5 Pages. 1.) What is culture ? Culture is defined as all modes of thought, behavior, and production that are handed down from one . generation to social philosophy, the next by what to include in an means of communicative interaction rather than by genetic transmission. It is ghost writer paper, a way of life followed by a group of people and everything learned and shared by people in society. *Derived from the what in an essay, Latin word cultura or cultus, meaning care or cultivation 2.) The Components/Elements of thesis for expository essay Culture *Material Culture – includes the physical objects, things. Agriculture , Anthropology , Culture 704 Words | 3 Pages. The Process of Globalization - the Process of Anglicising German Culture and what essay Language? 14-16 January 31, 2004 The Process of Globalization ? The Process of Anglicising German Culture and Language ? Fig. 1. . Anti-copy Watermark! Hans-Jurgen Bahr. Umgeben von Anglizismen.

February 2002. Table of intro Contents Table of Contents 2 Research Paper 3 Preface 3 Businesses ? The American Lifestyle in Germany 4 The English Influence in Politics 5 The Germarican Media 6 Denglish ? The German Youth Language 7 Conclusion 8 Works Cited 9 Rough Draft 11 Peer Editing Sheets 17 Topic 19 Working Title. Dialect , English language , European Union 2247 Words | 7 Pages. Jadu Kolija, the mla research, Core of Kokborok Culture and Language. Jadu Kolija, the core of Kokborok culture and what to include language Joseph Pulinthanath sdb Kokborok language , like its . Paper! speakers, seems to be critically poised at some crossroads of history. Strewn about the length of breadth of this hallowed land of erstwhile kings and to include in an essay intro kingdoms are numerous signs of resurgence and decadence. Caught in in spanish the middle, between two worlds one dead, the other powerless to be born, is a tongue, crisis-ridden yet buoyant: Kokborok, the mother-tongue of the 'borok' people of Tripura. Debbarma , Font , Greatest hits 806 Words | 3 Pages. trajectories. What In An! One such new trajectory is the is the word in spanish, concern with national culture . Whereas traditional IB research has been concerned with . What To Include In An! economic/legal issues and mla research organizational forms and structures, the importance of national culture – broadly defined as values, beliefs, norms, and behavioural patterns of a national group – has become increasingly important in the last two decades, largely as a result of the classic work of Hofstede (1980). National culture has been shown to impact on major business activities.

Cross-cultural communication , Cultural anthropology , Culture 1280 Words | 4 Pages. Culture both liberates and constrains. It liberates by investing the randomness of nature with meaning, order, and rationality and by providing . safeguards against chaos; it constrains by imposing a structure on nature and by limiting the what to include essay intro, range of generator essay possible meanings created by the individual I quite agree with this oppinion by Claire Kramsch, especially after I have read the first 10 pages of his book Language and Culture and gained a basic understanding of his views. Accoridng ot Claire, nature. Imposing , Language , Linguistics 485 Words | 2 Pages.

English an Obstacle in the Development of Native Languages and to include essay intro Culture. English is an Obstacle in the Development of All Indian regional Languages Before independence, our rulers-the British . had a definite policy in keeping us uneducated. Social Philosophy! They had seen a successful experiment in what to include intro Africa, naming it the Dark Continent, a overpopulated teeming mass of a essay paper handy slave like labour who never questioned their authority, asked for their rights or objected to be treated worse than animals. All because of their lack of literacy. What Essay Intro! The advantage with India was that. Dialect , English language , German language 1321 Words | 4 Pages. What Does the Excerpt Tell You About Language and Culture? excerpt tell you about language and culture ? According to the excerpt given, I can elaborate that the language . is one of the anti-copy, main tools mankind uses to interact and to express ideas, emotions, knowledge, memories and values. Language is also the main vehicle for cultural expression essential for what in an, individual and collective identity. What Essay In Spanish! Linguists have long recognized that the forms and uses of a given language reflect the cultural values of the society in which the language is spoken; this is why mere. Anthropology , Culture , Foreign language 1497 Words | 5 Pages.

?Asia Country Official and what to include essay intro national Languages Other spoken Languages Afghanistan Pashto (Pashtu, Pushtu) an Eastern . Iranian language , it is the what is the word essay in spanish, native language of the Pashtun people. Dari Persian (Farsi-ye Dari) also known as Afghan Persian. other Turkic and minor languages . Armenia Armenian (Hayeren) is an independent, one- language subgroup within the Indo-European language family. The unique Armenian alphabet, which consists of 39 characters, was created in 405 AD by essay intro a monk named. Dialect , English language , French language 483 Words | 6 Pages. Culture Is Communication and Communication Is Culture. Culture is communication and communication is culture . Essay! Every culture around the world has a unique . language . This language is made up of ideals, values, beliefs, traditions, and further attributes that constitute the what in an intro, essence of and political philosophy thesis one’s ways of communication. Understanding how a culture communicates will, not only, allow people to what to include intro, convey a message to one another the way it was intended, but it will also help individuals to find identity in the differences and commonalities of the numerous cultures. Communication , Cross-cultural communication , Culture 2383 Words | 7 Pages. ? Culture The culture of the social, Philippines has been heavily influenced by to include in an both Asian and Western cultures . . Literature The literature of the Philippines illustrates the Prehistory and European colonial legacy of the watermark paper, Philippines, written in what to include intro both Indigenous and Hispanic writing system.

Most of the how to paper, traditional literatures of the Philippines were written during the Mexican and Spanish period. Philippine literature is what to include in an essay intro, written in Spanish, English, Tagalog, and/or other native Philippine languages . Dances. Emilio Aguinaldo , Filipino language , Filipino mestizo 641 Words | 2 Pages. India Is A Country Of Very Diverse Cultures With Many Languages. ?India is a large, diverse land of a plethora of sub- cultures , religions, languages , castes, considerable regional differences . and more. Complexity in doing business in India is not confined to the bureaucratic hassles. The real challenge lies in devising the market entry strategy. Striking the right cord with the Indian consumer is an exercise in managing complexities. Understanding the Indian consumer, segmenting the a essay paper, market and developing strategies that work for the target consumer are what demand. Asian Latin American , Culture of India , India 1700 Words | 5 Pages.

?The positive and negative transfers of Chinese students use their first language to what to include, learn English. In China, many people are learning . Anti-copy! English as their second language . To Include Intro! English is the most important language which truly links the whole world together. English language system is thesis essay, very different from Chinese language system in many ways such as, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. “Belonging to two different language families, English and Chinese have many significant differences. This makes. English language , First language , French language 1399 Words | 4 Pages. reference to in an, the above quote, please discuss how language calls to the child and how is language encouraged through the . Montessori language exercise? Language is the ability to understand speech and a desire to convey one's feelings and thoughts. It is a kind of difficulty, which encloses a given human being company, and separates it from all others.

It unites men and they develop and expand according to the need of their mind. Language is a mean of thesis generator for expository essay communication, delivering ideas. Communication , Developmental psychology , Human 757 Words | 3 Pages. Sexual Violence, Nonverbal Communication, Language and in an essay Culture. risks, know the consequences, and is the word essay we can then start to learn how to prevent it. I will examine in depth based on numerous studies done by psychologists, how . society can shape our views and attitude towards life, how nonverbal communication, language and what in an essay intro culture can play an important role in philosophy sexual violence. Do you know someone who has been sexually abused? If the answer is yes, who was the aggressor? Dominance is the what in an essay intro, power and influence one can have over philosophy others.

Based on statistics that will be. Communication , Human sexual behavior , Human sexuality 2331 Words | 7 Pages. are forever transforming. The English language , as with all “living,” i.e., currently spoken, read, and/or written, languages are . constantly changing. Essay! But that change only happens as people use the language , try out changes in meaning or spelling, and what is the then spread that change. What In An! Language meaning or usage does not change “overnight,” it changes over time. Words change their meanings because a community of speakers who use those words cause them to change. Language changes when words get old and new. English language , Language , Language change 1114 Words | 3 Pages. PROBLEMS OF RELIGIOUS LANGUAGE HUME’S FORK David Hume divides knowledge into two classes: ‘relations of ideas’ (i.e. What Essay! tautologies) and ‘matters . of fact’ (i.e. empirical statements). His book concludes (on p.165) with the following paragraph: “When we run over libraries, persuaded of what to include in an essay these principles, what havoc must we make?

If we take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity of number? No. Does. Empiricism , Immanuel Kant , Logical positivism 923 Words | 3 Pages. Culture is one of the basic things in life. Whether when we are working, dealing with people, spending time with family or even doing our daily . routine. Culture is learned since we were born, no matter we as human realized the differences or not.

Culture is the anti-copy paper, full range of learned behaviour patterns that are acquired by people as members of a society like in a family. A culture is a complex, interrelated with anything that consists of the knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs, skills, and. Decision making , Management , Reward system 2242 Words | 7 Pages. achievement-driven criteria for to include essay intro, success which may lead to inflation, egoism, self-aggrandisement and thesis lack of compassion. This insatiable need to win, and the . In An Essay! vices of character which can grow from how to plan paper, it, is especially apparent in contemporary sports culture , in which sport has been desacralised. There is a pressing need to reclaim the sacred origin of sports. What To Include In An Intro! The greater striving (jihad) is, of course, the struggle to master one's own lower self.

As the Prophet said: The most excellent Jihad is that. Education , God , Islam 1721 Words | 6 Pages. Sundays; many Filipinos attend daily Mass, although this trend is decreasing. TYPES OF CULTURE 1. High culture The term high . culture , is usually used to how to plan a essay, refer to cultural creations that have a particularly high status. They are regarded by arbiters of cultural taste as the what, epitome of the highest levels of human creativity. The product of long established art forms are usually seen as examples of high culture . They include opera, the work of highly regarded classical composers such as Beethoven. Culture , Globalization , High culture 1169 Words | 4 Pages. on getting the balance right between the delivery of international music and what is the in spanish localized content to a young audience while at the same time adhering to local . What Essay! taste and culture . To enter the generator, Arabian market MTV have used localization strategy which included creating of to include in an essay a local versions of the popular MTV shows adapted to the local culture and presenting Arabian music to the rest of the world. MTV established a partnership with a local TV network called Arabian Television.The local TV network was chosen. Arab , Arabian Peninsula , Jordan 1831 Words | 6 Pages. Numerous cultures from around the world have circulated many traditions to word in spanish, other cultures . Although most of the traditions in what in an essay . the earlier eras were not recorded or written, through communication skills, one is able to access these customs by interviewing someone from that culture . Language is the key module to a single culture , whether only ghost writer paper one culture speaks a particular language or many cultures across the world share that same language . Sharing a language with another culture is what in an essay intro, a way of combining.

Culture , Dialect , Dutch language 1079 Words | 3 Pages. can use the information you gather effectively. Cultural Images and social thesis World Culture Course This seminar satisfies both the Cultural Images and . World Culture requirement for what in an, the General Education program. Anti-copy Watermark Paper! To that end, we will work to develop an understanding of the beliefs, values, and ways of what to include life in various countries in order to engage comfortably in cross cultural settings and interact harmoniously with people from cultures other than the United States. Writer Paper! Included in the development of cultural competency. Anthropology , Cross-cultural communication , Culture 601 Words | 6 Pages.

are developing the strategic skill set to in an intro, master doing business across cultures . Cross-cultural core competence is at the crux of today’s . Mla Research Format! sustainable competitive advantage. What To Include In An Essay! If one day you’re asked to manage a supply chain in Malaysia, the next day you’re managing your virtual team in China, and the next you’re optimizing your company’s call center in India, you know that it’s just not possible to be an expert in paper every culture or geography in to include essay which you do business. What is possible is developing the. Confucianism , Cross-cultural , Cross-cultural communication 1853 Words | 6 Pages. Caldas Language , Society and Culture Final Work Monica Molina Salas Professor: Patricia Escalante Introduction The . Writer! purpose of this paper is to what in an essay, take a look at the role of culture in second language teaching, its importance for students and how schools are incorporating culture in the classroom.

The main theoretical constrains in which this paper is supported are the chapters 1 to 9 by Patrick Moran?s book: “Introduction to teaching Culture ” and “The Cultural Experience”; the text” Culture in. Anthropology , Cultural anthropology , Culture 2198 Words | 7 Pages.

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Simple Software for what to include in an, Better Interview Skills. Learn how to land the job with Big Interview’s powerful video tutorials and virtual interview practice software. 13 Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb. Before you get invited in for an interview, employers and format recruiters look at your resume to what to include essay see if you’re a good enough candidate for the job to be worth their time. And Political Thesis? If your resume doesn’t look good, you don’t look good. Even if you’re qualified, a silly mistake on your resume can kill your chances. Think of what intro your resume as your 60 second audition in front of a judge on one of those reality TV talent shows. Thesis Generator? The person reviewing your resume (Britney, Simon, Xtina) will quickly decide whether to give you a shot at the big time or send you packing. So the what to include essay, golden rule is: Make a good first impression, and don’t look dumb!

You can do this by avoiding common mistakes on your resume — the kind that we see even great candidates making. Remember, you only have a few seconds to either make a good first impression or to make a really bad one. 1. Writer Paper? Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. A grammar error or misspelling can stand out to include intro, like a sore thumb and tell the employer that you’re careless. Format? Luckily, these mistakes are easily avoidable. Spell check, but don’t rely on spell check to what to include intro do all of the work for you. I have seen plenty of resumes with embarrassing mistakes that spell check didn’t catch — it was a real word, just not the one that the anti-copy, candidate wanted to use in his resume (be careful to never, ever leave that first “L” out of “public relations” in your resume). Your eyes see what you meant to type instead of in an essay intro what’s really there. An objective reader can make a big difference in helping you catch spelling and grammar problems as well as many of the philosophy thesis, other mistakes listed in this post. It is particularly important to proofread carefully if you are applying for jobs that require writing skills and/or attention to detail. For a potential future boss, your resume is what essay your first work sample and should reflect your ability to write, edit, and proofread if hired.

If you’re not sure about a grammar, word usage, capitalization or punctuation issue, just look it up. Grammar Girl is just one great resource for practical application of grammar rules. You want your resume to stand out, but there is such a thing as standing out in a bad way. You may think it’s creative to use 6 different fonts and generator for expository essay colors, but that kind of creativity tends to just look clumsy. Avoid too many font types and steer clear of font sizes that are too big or too small.

Big fonts make you look like you are SHOUTING (and can also indicate that you don’t have enough good content to fill a resume with normal-size text). Small fonts may help you keep your resume to one page, but it’s not worth it if the reader has to squint. You should also avoid long paragraphs and long blocks of text. Most people scan resumes very quickly and often skip over long paragraphs and what in an intro miss key information. Use white space and bullets to make your resume format easy on ghost writer paper the eye. Use of bullets can also ensure better reader comprehension when visually scanned. Leave comfortable margins on the page and make sure that everything is to include essay intro neatly aligned.

Look neat. Look smart. Also, keep in mind that there’s a good chance you resume will be scanned electronically as more and more companies use special software to index resumes. If you’re using wacky fonts, the software may not pick up important keywords and your resume could get tossed undeservedly. Your resume is what is the essay meant to be a marketing document — an to include essay intro, introduction that will get you in the door for an interview. Ghost Paper? This isn’t the time to “think outside the box” and design a glossy, hot pink, legal-sized resume with clip art and glitter. There are better ways to essay intro demonstrate your creativity.

Save the arts and crafts for thesis generator essay, Pinterest. Also, avoid using weird colors, weird formats or weird paper stock. Your resume should be simple and elegant. To Include Essay Intro? Go minimalist and let the mla research format, words speak for themselves. If you’re presenting a hard copy of your resume in person, make sure it doesn’t look like it was just pulled out of the trash can (or it’s very likely to end up back in the circular file).

After all, you wouldn’t go to an interview wearing a dingy shirt or a hideous tie so don’t hand out a wrinkled, smudged, or coffee-stained resume. To Include Essay Intro? When you bring your resume to an interview, carry it in a folder to keep it crisp and social and political philosophy thesis fresh. In general, try to keep your resume to 1-2 pages in length. Recent graduates should aim to stick to one page while more experienced candidates can get away with using more space. If you’re still short on work experience and are having difficulty filling a page, think about in an, listing relevant school coursework and extracurricular activities. Include volunteer work and the contributions you’ve made in watermark paper, that arena. You’ll also have space to what to include in an list pertinent skills — including your prowess with different software programs and other tactical skills that apply to the job (review the job description and use the employer’s language).

As you develop in your career and add more jobs to your resume, you won’t have space for these “extras.” However, during the generator essay, early days of your career, this information can help a potential employer see your potential. Remember to what use common sense here: No need to format mention your collection of what essay intro Twilight memorabilia or that you were runner-up in the 2010 SpongeBob look-alike competition. Even if you’ve been working for many years, you should try to keep your resume to 2 pages if possible. Mla Research Format? There are exceptions — CVs for what to include in an essay intro, academic positions and some other roles tend to be longer and more detailed. Watermark Paper? (I know this first-hand since I just reviewed a 79-page resume from very accomplished academic client). However, keep in mind that employers are always going to in an be most interested in the jobs that you’ve held recently. Use your space wisely to share more details about your most current and relevant work experience and edit down the descriptions of your earlier jobs to plan paper the bare necessities.

As your resume gets longer, you may even be able to what to include in an essay intro drop early positions that have little to do with your current career path. Formatting can also help you reduce your page count — just don’t get too creative (see Mistake 2 above). If you lie on your resume, you’re taking a big risk. First of mla research all, you’re very likely to get busted during the background and reference checks. Even if you get lucky and make it through the what essay, hiring process, dishonesty on your resume can get you fired down the is the word, road — even if you’ve been doing a great job. In An Essay? Just ask former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson. If you haven’t yet graduated from college, for example, put down the name of the school you’re attending and state your expected graduation date. Don’t say you’ve graduated if you haven’t. Another common fib is with languages.

Many people list under “skills” that they can speak a foreign language (or two…or four), when in fact they can only paper string a few sentences together. Don’t think you won’t eventually be found out – you will. And trust me, it’s tough to learn Japanese in a weekend. One of the main things that employers focus on is how long you worked at your previous jobs. They are going to be scanning for dates and zeroing in on short tenures and long gaps between positions. Make sure to to include in an intro put down, for each job, the date that you started working and the date that you left (month and plan a essay paper year is sufficient). You’re not fooling anybody by intro, leaving these out if they don’t make you look good.

A lack of dates will read as an mla research format, attempt to hide something. If you have gaps in your resume, you can read our article on dealing with resume gaps. Proof the dates carefully. It’s easy to overlook mistakes when it comes to numbers. You don’t want your resume to what to include in an essay intro say “May 2020” instead of “May 2010.” This may sound silly, but it happens more often you might think: people forget to update their resumes to include their most recent contact information. If you’ve moved or changed phone numbers, make sure that your phone number, address and generator for expository e-mail information is what to include essay intro up to date.

If you don’t, you could be waiting for a call or a message that you’ll never receive. Also, make sure you have a professional sounding email address. If your name is social and political thesis John Smith, using the address “” (which you hilariously created in 2005) is what in an intro not a good idea. It’s always better to create a new email address that’s somewhat professional. A Essay Paper? Even if you can’t get [yourname] – at least get something neutral sounding (like jsmith92 or smithjohn11 ). Also, don’t get an address that’s too long and what intro weird (like . Writer? It’s too easy for a typo to what to include in an happen when someone is emailing you – and for expository essay it’ll drive people crazy. If you want to include an objective in your resume, make sure that it’s as tailored as possible to the job that you’re applying for. Avoid vague statements like: Looking to apply my skills and what to include experience in a fast-paced, challenging environment.

It will catch your reader’s eye much more if your objective clearly matches the job description. For example, [Looking for a mid-level marketing position at a premiere/reputable/growing fashion/advertising firm.] You should also think about whether including an objective statement is plan really the best use of that prime real estate at what essay the top of generator your resume. What Essay? In most cases, we recommend using a Professional Summary instead of an Objective. However, an objective statement can be useful for some candidates — new grads with resumes that don’t otherwise convey career goals in a clear way and career changers who are seeking a position that’s not an obvious next step. Your resume should be focused, concise and emphasize achievements and skills that fit the and political philosophy thesis, job you’re applying for. If you are applying for a sales position, for example, you should emphasize targets that you’ve met in to include intro, prior jobs.

Including percentages and anti-copy watermark paper numbers can be useful. For example, [“Increased _______ by what in an, 25% in writer, Store XYZ” or “Reduced operations backlog by 50% for the fiscal year in 2009.”] Think about how best to present your experience and skills in what in an intro, a way that would impress your potential employer. This probably means customizing your resume for paper, each position, especially if you are considering more than one type of opportunity. Carefully review the job description and then take the time to tailor your resume to emphasize the what intro, strengths and mla research experience that are most relevant for the position. 11. To Include In An Intro? Including “red flag” information. Your goal is to land an interview by in spanish, giving the employer a compelling overview of the job skills and experience that make you a good candidate. To Include Essay? Don’t sabotage your chances by including information that could raise concerns. Don’t list things like “left previous role because of internal political issues” or “I took this job because it was close to home.” There will be time to discuss your reasons for leaving and taking positions in how to a essay, the interview. By then, you will have used Big Interview to prepare and practice so that you can discuss your reasons in what to include in an, a positive and professional way.

You want your employer to know what you did in your previous jobs, but you don’t need to include the kitchen sink. Describe your job duties in enough detail to give the employer a good idea of your general responsibilities. Leave out unnecessary or minute details that won’t lift you up as a candidate. More importantly: Highlight your job achievements. Use bullet-points to help the reader focus in on your accomplishments. Too many candidates make the mistake of including a detailed job description instead of emphasizing individual contributions. Rather than just listing your job duties, which can be passive and boring, use action verbs that imply you actively got things done. Here are some good examples: Led, Created, Delivered, Managed, Implemented, Increased, Achieved, Organized, etc. The thesaurus can be your friend if you find you are overusing certain words on your resume. Just don’t get too crazy trying to impress them with your awesome vocabulary — you want them to a essay actually understand what you did (skip “confabulate” and what to include essay intro “propagage” and other Word-of-the Day entries). Your resume is your first face forward to the employer, so it’s very important that you take the what word in spanish, time to to make sure it looks great and is an accurate and powerful representation of your qualifications.

Common mistakes (even the in an essay intro, seemingly little ones) can kill your chances of how to a essay paper getting an interview. When it comes to your resume, you really can’t be too perfect. Humor: If you’re in the mood, here’s Resume Richard offering you his “solid” advice on what making your resume stick out. Pamela Skillings is how to a essay co-founder of Big Interview. As an interview coach, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at organizations from American Express to the City of what New York. Word Essay? She is an adjunct professor at New York University and to include in an an instructor at the American Management Association. 55 Comment to 13 Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb.

Can I put smart art in my resume? Great advice, thank you! Thanks, this was helpful! What is better one column format or two column format in resume? Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As one of the country's top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of social and political philosophy thesis experience training and advising managers at organizations from American Express to the City of New York. She is an essay intro, adjunct professor at New York University and word essay in spanish an instructor at the American Management Association. Continue reading. Copyright © 2017 Big Interview – Job Interview Training - All Rights Reserved.

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1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures #038; History. To Include Essay! The early 1970s fashion scene was very similar to how to a essay paper, 1969, just a bit more flamboyant. It wouldn#8217;t be hyperbole to say that a fashion revolution occurred in the 1970s. Polyester was the material of choice and bright colors were everywhere. Men and women alike were wearing very tight fitting pants and to include intro platform shoes. By 1973, most women were wearing high cut boots and low cut pants. Early 1970s fashion was a fun era. It culminated some of the best elements of the 60s and perfected and/or exaggerated them. Generator For Expository! Some of the best clothing produced in the 1970s perfectly blended the mods with the essay hippies.

Just when it seemed pants couldn#8217;t flare any more (bell bottoms, anyone?), the flare was almost gone. By the plan a essay late 1970s the pant suit, leisure suit and track suit was what the average person was sporting. Every woman had a cowl neck sweater in her closet and every man had a few striped v-neck velour shirts. Essay Intro! Tunics, culottes and robes were also very popular. Sometimes it#8217;s hard to a essay paper, tell which dresses were meant to be worn at home, and to include essay which ones were for a night on the town. Share your love for 1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures #038; History. Social Thesis! Chest hair, medallions, polyester, butterfly collars, bell bottoms, skin-tight t-shirts, sandals, leisure suits, flower patterned dress shirts, sideburns and, yes, tennis headbands. There is one common theme throughout fashion in the 1970s: pants were tight fitting. And it is essay intro probably the first full decade in which women could be seen wearing pants in every walk of life.

It#8217;s also hard to miss the fact that color almost completely disappeared by 1979. Earth tones, grays, whites and blacks were back in full force, as people had apparently tired of the super bright tones of the early 1970s. 1970 Fashion: #8220;Stop the Midi#8221; Pin. Miniskirt lovers picketed New York City shops that carried the new length. After years of building short skirted wardrobes, they weren#8217;t about to thesis generator essay, change now. Others thought the in an intro longer skirt aged them. Whatever the reason, the midi skirt was a debacle that sent the fashion industry spiraling downward. The midi was slightly different than long skirts from the 1950s.

It was slit and slashed, laced-up or zipped-up, strapped or wrapped to one side and sometimes buttoned down the front. It flattered the young and thin most, because it emphasized a small midriff, waist and hips. How the leg met the hem was its most critical feature. Ponchos, gauchos and capes afforded a fashionable alternative to philosophy, the midi. Mid-calf length culottes called gaucho pants were the hit of many a fall fashion show. The Moroccan theme was big in 1970. To Include Intro! Capes striped like bedspreads, along with folk-embroidered Hungarian peasant blouses gave fashion in ghost, 1970 a distinctly ethnic flavor. Bags and to include in an purses were strapped tightly under the arm or worn in mailman fashion across the chest, much like they were in 2011. Boots were sold in numbers never before seen. Every type of boot imaginable was sold, in what is the essay in spanish, all shapes, sizes and to include essay materials.

Pastels and what is the word in spanish vivid colors were much more subdued than in 1969. The midi came in somber shades like purple, grape, raisin, plum, murky green or indigo. Again, women didn#8217;t like the midi. Bill Blass was elected to the Coty Hall of Fame in what in an essay, 1970. 1971 Fashion: Brigitte Bardot wearing Hot Pants. In 1971 there was a huge impasse between what designers made and what people wanted to wear. It seemed at times the two were fighting each other like siblings. Mla Research Format! Designers declared the hemline would be at the knee in 1971, but the public had other plans. Skirts that grazed the ankle, that were intended to be evening gowns, were being worn out on essay, the town.

Another, more extreme, backlash were #8220;hot pants#8221;, which had nothing to do with the so-called fashion world. A taste for nostalgia brought back people#8217;s desire for thesis essay nautical insignia and 1940s movie star glamour. What To Include In An! Another trend that popped up among the wealthy was Chinese-inspired evening gowns. Sporting a tailored look, young couples liked to dress in similar, if not identical clothing. A quick glance through a 1971 catalog backs this up, for it is hard to word in spanish, miss the countless pages of his hers matching sets. Yves Saint Laurent instigated the 1940s revival in his spring Paris collection that was widely panned by critics but embraced by young trendsetters. Men#8217;s fashion started to what to include essay intro, shed the flamboyant styles of recent years, but they retained a sense of fun and mla research freedom. Clothes were snugly fit, tailored and what to include intro double knit. Plaid was a popular choice for a day at ghost writer the office or on the farm and what to include pants remained flared. The fashion world was saddened by the passing of legendary designer, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known as #8220;Coco,#8221; at age 87.

Her rigorous discipline to the very end helped her maintain an unheard of 50+ years of what is the essay, relevancy and essay influence on the fashion world. She remains to plan paper, this day one of the most important fashion designers in history. Liza Minnelli wearing Halston (1972) According to to include, designers, the busy modern woman wanted to look at ease, uncontrived, and certainly never obvious after years of self-consciousness. An important aspect of being fashionable in 1972 was not to look as if one had spent either too much time or money on anti-copy watermark, clothes. The sweater was a pivotal point of to include, this effortless effect. It was the year’s most important fashion ingredient, cropping up as a beach cover-up, the basis of city costumes, the bodice of and political philosophy, haute-couture satin evening gowns. After sweaters, a woman could choose between long or short dresses, skirts or pants, belted waists or no waists, bare halters or covered-up caftans. Such designers as Yves Saint Laurent showed most of their daytime styles at to include essay intro mid-knee level, but they included several mid-calf and ankle-length skirts. Female delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Miami illustrated the variety of attire available to the American woman.

They turned up in ghost paper, everything from ?oor-length dresses to faded blue jeans. Critics blamed designers for failing to provide fashion direction. Actually, the wide range of choices represented the what essay cost-conscious consumer#8217;s triumph over the couturier. Mla Research! The most successful designer of 1972 was Halston. His clothes, whisked up by such fashion leaders as Liza Minnelli and Jackie O, were elegant versions of what in an intro, established American classics #8212; shirtwaist dresses, cashmere pullovers and format cardigans, wrapped jackets and pants. So big was the in?uence of the unstudied, sportive American shapes on what women around the what in an essay world wore in 1972, that experts claimed New York City, rather than Paris, was the fashion capital of the world.

The ease-is-of-the-essence fashion philosophy affected the writer paper way a garment met the what to include intro body. After a decade of drawing clothes closer to the ?gure, designers began to let go. Ghost Paper! Snug-bodiced fashions were rivaled by what essay a revival of the watermark paper chemise, the blouson, caftans, smocks, tents, toppers, battle jackets, and baggier sweaters. Jeans were very much in style in 1972 for both men and women. Textures softened into cashmere, shetland, angora, lambswool, mohair, brushed-wool plaids, cuddly, lamblike acrylic piles, fluffy, long-haired furs.

Hushed hues and pastels served as further softening agents. Mauve, peach, apple-green, pink, yellow, and baby-blue tended to be used in what to include essay intro, all-of-a-tone costumes, such as a pink-shirt with a pink-striped sweater over a pink plaid skirt. Natural and neutral shades of white, wheat, camel, and gray melted into one another in luxurious fabrics or connected sporty separates of ghost writer, nonchalance. Accessories underlined the monotone scheme. Among the favorites were tortoise, ivory, amber, pewter, silver, braided-leather cubes, buttons strung together, whale and tiger teeth. But pearls were the most popular embellishment for ears, necklines, and wrists. Brimmed cloche hats replaced knitted caps, little ?at envelopes tried to oust the what essay intro ever-present shoulder bags. Clogs, wedgies, cork-soled platforms, and word in spanish chunky, high heels continued to alarm podiatrists. There was a tendency toward shorter hair styles for both men and women.

Men#8217;s Fashions were dominated by the gentlemanly ideal, as the wild prints and fancy sartorial treatments of recent years gave way to traditionally masculine materials and what to include essay intro shapes. Bold plaids livened up sport jackets; rich, modulated tones in houndstooth checks, Donegal tweeds, and Prince-of-Wales plaids were used for business suits. Summer-weights revived such favorites as crinkly seersucker, khaki, and all-white Mark Twain-type “ice cream suits.” Other comebacks: beefy sweaters with more texture in mla research format, shetland, mohair, Norwegian-type knit; and hefty woolens cut into stalwart stormcoats, battle jackets, peacoats, and lumberjack shirts. The buttoned-down shirt returned in 1972 with a more generously proportioned collar. Ties turned to smaller, timeless motifs: stirrups, anchors, paisleys. The two-button, waist-and-shoulder-expressed construction reigned for jackets, but there was a drift back to what, pleated pants and boxy, raglan-sleeved coats with just-below-the-knee hems. Men#8217;s footwear became more ?amboyant. Men wore shoes with wild colors as thick platforms and 3-inch heels became popular with young and old alike.

1973 Fashion: Sweaters. Social Philosophy! There were sweater coats, sweater dresses and even sweater suits. Many of them were trimmed with fur, especially fox. Floor-length sweaters came with or without sparkle. The chunky, shawl-collared, belted cardigan, often in brown and to include intro white, replaced 1972#8217;s shrink tops. The new sentiment among designers was that the outfits had to work harder and longer and to thesis, be able to change with simple addition of a shirt, pants or accessory. For the in an first time in decades, there was a significant shortage of raw materials and fabrics. The cost of synthetics such as vinyl and nylon rose as well. Anti-copy Watermark! As a result, everyday designers kept things simple. Popular fabrics patterns in to include intro, 1973 were tweeds, flannels, plaids, checks and stripes. Rust, peach, tangerine, copper, forest green, pistachio were popular colors.

Accessories were subdued. Golden chains, gold-button earrings and rhinestone clips were finding their way back into the wild after having been stashed away in favor of homemade jewelry for what word in spanish a few years. Perhaps the biggest change in in an essay intro, women#8217;s fashion in 1973 wasn#8217;t an article of clothing at plan all: it was her hair. A shorter, polished, shoulder-length page boy or a close crop with upturned bangs framing face were the hairstyles of the new. Shorter hair prompted a call for to include in an essay intro hats. A chic evening choice was the little black veiled hat, often accompanied by boas in how to plan, fur or feathers. Men#8217;s fashion was agreeable over aggressive. The trend leaned toward the to include in an essay inconspicuous and comfortable.

Neutral colors and standard fabrics made up the majority of and political thesis, new men#8217;s clothing. A new fad #8212; piping #8212; showed up on blazers and suits. Pea jackets, baseball jackets and varsity jackets were the common man#8217;s choice on an active fall day. Oscar de la Renta was inducted in the Coty Hall of Fame in 1973. In 1974, fashion designers tried to to include in an essay intro, change tight fitting, body hugging clothing styles into something a bit looser. Like, a lot looser.

The silhouette in 1974 was significantly different in this way. The Big Look (or The Droop, depending on your view), designers hoped, would sending customers back to the stores specifically for dresses. After the midi skirt disaster, fashion designers were desperate for some good news. Many shops had shut due to poor sales, made worse by an ongoing recession. Frankly, people were finding their trusty sweater, t-shirt and pair of jeans and they wore them nearly every day. This did not help the fashion industry prosper. In fact, the t-shirt, once considered underwear only, was now being blazoned with slogans, sports teams and anything else you could imagine, making it one of the paper hottest fashion items worn by casual men and women alike. Typical of The Big Look was a circular cape, tossed over a bulky sweater and shirt hanging around the knee. Coats were full and tentlike. Standouts were the steamer coat, raglan-sleeved, as well as cardigans or kimonos of dressing gown proportions with yokes, smockings and drop-shoulders.

Berets, muffling scarves and to include high-heeled, baggily crushed boots were essential in 1974. Leather belts, slender neck chains, delicate rhinestone ropes, lace-edged chiffon kerchiefs, silk flowers all proved to what is the essay in spanish, be worthy ornaments. The wavering line between sportswear and tailored suits blurred further with the introduction of the leisure suit. While they were intended for the country, they appeared everywhere #8212; just short of the office. Men still loved their flannel. Geoffrey Beene and Halston were elected to in an intro, the Coty Hall of Fame in 1974.

1975 Fashion: Jump Suits. 1975 fashion was not a time for major upheavals. New shapes leaned toward the body and their fullness was tamed. Calvin Klein#8217;s reefer coats and Yves Saint Laurent#8217;s tube dresses were in ghost, high demand. Designers such as Geoffrey Beene also softened bulk by wrapping the waist and balancing smock-like shirts with slim skirts and straight-leg pants. Skirts sported dressmaker details such as yokes, tucks, pleats, smocking, dirndl gathers, wraps, cargo pockets or ropes.

Layering added a rich look in 1975. Double blouses, multiple sweaters, pants under tunic dresses, jumpers over dresses, hoods under hats and shawls over everything. The triangular scarf was the ultimate layer. What In An! Denim, the familiar blue-jeans material, moved into mla research fashion respectability as young and old alike flocked to what to include in an, wear it in mla research, a variety of ways. Old clothes, meticulously made of castoff finery, once the special domain of eccentrics, became the rage. To Include Intro! Young people flocked to antique shops swooping up hand-me-down evening bags. Art Deco jewelry, smudgy-pink georgette dresses and social and political philosophy the wispy undergarments of the 1930s. A craze for khaki, olive-drab and workmen#8217;s clothes threatened to knock out jeans and t-shirts as America#8217;s favorite uniform.

The jumpsuit was a huge success in 1975. It came in hard-working fabrics like twill, drill, duck, baby-wale corduroy and seersucker. Uniform components included parachute pants, painter#8217;s pants, clam-diggers, culottes, butcher apron wraps, military fatigues pushed into combat boots, naval-inspired dresses and a whole battalion of epaulets, zip-up pockets and webbing belts. Menswear came closer to translating the to include in an essay intro high European tailoring tradition into comfortable clothes. the so-called American suit was further modified to resemble the closer fitting European model. The new look, called the social quasi-European suit, had slightly padded shoulders, higher arm holes, a more prominent waist suppression, open patch pockets and a light flare to both jacket and to include in an essay pants. In Spanish! Geoffrey Beene received a Coty Award and Calvin Klein and Piero Dmitri were elected to the Hall of Fame. What To Include In An! In 1976, the mla research format fashion split into two very different directions. One was the Parisian peasant style, which used capes, turbans, rich fabrics, glowing colors, billowing skirts and puffy sleeves. The other was the clean-cut All-American look that borrowed stylings from classic sportswear.

The professional uniform of the what in an essay intro year was a blazer, cowl-neck sweater and slimmed-down skirt. Bill Blass, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren all used tweeds, plaids, corduroys and flannels in tans, grays, browns and muted greens. Pinstriped pant suits with bow-tied blouses became women#8217;s tuxedos at night. Pants were cuffed to blouse at the ankles, mid-calf or knees, depending on the height of the social and political thesis boot. Braving the 1976 wilderness were woolly lumberjack shirts, hunter#8217;s red jackets, trapper#8217;s down-filled coats and earth-toned ponchos. Menswear enjoyed unprecedented freedom as designers mixed styles, textures and what to include colors like never before. The vest became more relevant again. Plan! It wasn#8217;t uncommon to see a man at the office wearing a plaid jacket, a checkered vest and solid flannel pants.

Velvet jackets, cut like tuxedos, were worn over casual pants, giving a note of elegant informality for more formal evenings. 1977 Fashion Magazine Cover (Fall) The importance of the what in an essay intro soft textile in 1977 cannot be understated. In winter, almost all clothing was made of ghost paper, sensuous fibers such as chenille, challis, chamois, cashmere and mohair. The baggy style wasn#8217;t popular with everyone. Women with good figures lamented not being able to show them off while those who were slightly heavier complained that loose clothes made them look even bigger. That didn#8217;t stop design houses from running with the style, however. Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani brought glamour and attention back to Italy with high fashion success.

But the to include in an intro most wearable of the new fashions came from Calvin Klein and Bill Blass, whose drawstring tops perfectly complemented a full dirndl skirt. Bold gold, shiny satin and bareness of skin made up for the lack of social philosophy, body hugging clothing. Shirts were left unbuttoned, sleeves were rolled up and tops were often lacy, see-through and strapless. The scarf was the what to include in an intro accessory of the year, but it was not used to cover the hair. Word! People let their hair grow naturally #8212; tousled, curly, frizzy or straight. In An Intro! Women would adorn their heads with colorful flowers or golden combs. Men#8217;s shirts had smaller collars in 1977 and social and political quilted-down ski vests were worn over almost anything, anywhere.

It was fashionable to to include in an essay, fasten only the lowest button on a double-breasted suit. Ralph Lauren was elected to the Coty Hall of Fame in 1977. 1978 Fashion: Time Magazine Cover with Cheryl Tiegs. Thesis! Broad shoulders loomed above belted waists, hip-rounding skirts and pegged pants. What To Include Essay! The shape was that of an upside-down triangle. Shoulder pads were resurrected as were the and political tailored suits and what to include essay tilted hats of the and political philosophy thesis 1940s. Sultry black worn with elaborately rolled upswept hairdos, silver-fox boas, braceleted gloves and spike-heeled sandals summed up the mood of nostalgic glamour.

The #8220;Retro Look#8221; was best pulled off with a touch of humor by young people dressed for disco dancing. Also revived in 1978 were strapless tops, bust darts, midriff seams, cummerbunds, waist cinchers, obi wraps as designers zoomed in on the body. Many retailers were cool on the new curvier clothes, but the fashion industry was convinced that the narrow, sensuous silhouette was the next direction because of womens#8217; renewed interest in exercise. In Italy, Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace sent models marching down runways in militaristic, bold-shouldered outfits of leather and in an khaki. The fervent customer acceptance of anti-copy watermark paper, pencil-slim separates by Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein pointed the way back to the body. A new selection of handsome coats included reefers, reversibles and three-quarter or seven-eights length garments tailored in melton, alpaca and what essay tweed. Textures were mixed with reckless abandon #8212; the more the is the essay in spanish merrier.

Several neutral shades were jolted with an electric streak of what in an intro, color. Gold chiffons, whipser-weight lames, sequins and bugle beads added dazzle. The feeling was more relaxed for men. Tweeds dominated suits, jackets and coats. The raglan-sleeve coat gained new adherence as opposed to is the essay in spanish, the fitted coat. Trousers were much less flared than before and in some cases not flared at all. Lapels, ties and what to include intro shirt collars narrowed. The single most important men#8217;s accessory was the ghost writer paper scarf worn outside the jacket. In 1979 the tailored suit dominated daytime and to include essay evening wear. Quickly vanished had the for expository days of what essay intro, casual sportswear, which had been so popular throughout the thesis generator for expository 1970s.

People were tired of the casual look and had gotten back into businesswear. By 1979, fashion that was known as #8220;seventies#8221; fashion had fully transformed into what people now would think of as eighties fashion. As the eighties approached, the what to include in an essay fashion world seemed to have gotten a head start. With an increased emphasis on formality, blazers and pants skirts became much more easily mixed and matched. The trend of heavily padded shoulders first hit the social and political thesis scene in 1978, which borrowed and somewhat exaggerated the 1940s look, had surged more visibly into the mainstream in 1979. The eccentricity that highlighted early 1979 gave way to a more powerful and respectable look by fall. Fashion designers had to promptly react to the fact that there were an unprecedented number of women in the workforce. Design houses had gotten used to spending the in an essay bulk of how to plan, their time creating clothing for women who were at home or at what in an essay parties, not in the office. But times were certainly changing and the most successful designers saw this opportunity for a new market, they adapted, and capitalized.

The Executive Woman owned at least one tailored suit. The jacket could be either short and shapely or long and lean. The straight skirt was knee-length and could possibly have a front or side slit that put a subtle emphasis on paper, the legs. To offset the more traditionally masculine look of #8220;business suit style#8221;, women were experimenting with hats, high heels, ruffles that peaked out from the jacket and large jewelry to keep a confident, yet feminine, look in tact. To Include Essay Intro! Beyond the suit, the novelty sweater was the second most important item in a 1979 wardrobe. Thick, hand-knit styles popularized by Perry Ellis, Geoffrey Beene and anti-copy watermark Ralph Lauren were flying off the shelves. Sweaters were decorated with a wide array of sequins, ribbon trims and other designs, sometimes asymmetrical, to modernize the look of classic angora, alpaca, wool and cashmere. Women#8217;s sweaters often had metallic thread woven into natural yarns. The most popular color combinations in 1979 were red and black, black and white, and white and red. Deep dark grays (think charcoal) were also popular, as were earth tones in about any combination you can imagine. If a splash of in an essay, color was desired, some derivative of writer paper, purple was usually the preferred choice.

For men, Giorgio Armani was hailed as the most creative new designer. He displayed courage when trying out bold new colors that had not been seen in menswear in intro, years, if ever. Physical fitness was important to the general public in 1979, and thesis thus dictated trimmer waists, slimmer suits and what intro smaller shirt collars and what word essay in spanish ties. In the south, mid-west and west, the #8220;Western Look#8221; was still going strong. Flannel shirts sold extremely well.

Halston and what to include Calvin Klein created a stir by refusing to accept their Coty Awards. Mary McFadden was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Special awards were given to Barry Kieselstein-Cord for jewelry, to Gil Truedsson for men#8217;s shoes and Conrad Bell for men#8217;s furs. Share your love for 1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures #038; History. RetroWaste The 1970s: American Pop Culture History 1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures #038; History. 7 thoughts on “ 1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures #038; History ” Enjoy sharing #8220;real people#8221; looks from the early 1970#8217;s. Well#8230;.Unfortunately, not being of paper, slight stature at the time, I was given not one, but 2 pairs of orange terry cloth pants as part of what intro, my scant wardrobe. Needless to social philosophy thesis, say, this did not help with the AWESOME memories of my high school years! I was in junior high and high school in to include essay, the 70s and pants were definitely tight. But polyester was not the philosophy fabric of choice, unless you were middle-aged, old, or not hip (at all).

All things natural were favored, including fabrics. Cotton was very, very in. I have to essay intro, add that I#8217;m glad people aren#8217;t as petty and judgmental anymore about the fabrics people choose to wear. I must know the name of the style we wore where the philosophy top was sort of a line and hit between the top of the knee the top of the to include intro thigh very short tho. What saved us from looking too risque was that we wore a pair of matching short the exact length of the top so when we sat or bent over how to plan only the shorts were seen. Help . Been crazy for days trying to remember what this is called. To Include Essay! Not hot pants, gouchos etc. I am looking for the year that all the ladies wear the wide skirts with polka dots. Big and mla research format large dots.

I remember when I was in hight school and mini skirts was everything.

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Examples Of Fraud Risk Factors Essay Sample. The fraud risk factors identified in this Appendix are examples of such factors that may be faced by auditors in a broad range of situations. In An Essay! Separately presented are examples relating to the two types of fraud relevant to the auditor’s consideration–that is, fraudulent financial reporting and misappropriation of how to a essay paper assets. For each of these types of fraud, the risk factors are further classified based on the three conditions generally present when material misstatements due to fraud occur: (a) incentives/pressures, (b) opportunities, and (c) attitudes/rationalizations. Although the risk factors cover a broad range of situations, they are only examples and, accordingly, the auditor may identify additional or different risk factors. Not all of these examples are relevant in all circumstances, and some may be of greater or lesser significance in entities of what different size or with different ownership characteristics or circumstances. Also, the order of the examples of risk factors provided is not intended to reflect their relative importance or frequency of occurrence. Risk Factors Relating to Misstatements Arising from Fraudulent Financial Reporting The following are examples of risk factors relating to misstatements arising from fraudulent financial reporting. Incentives/Pressures. Financial stability or profitability is ghost, threatened by economic, industry, or entity operating conditions, such as (or as indicated by): ? High degree of competition or market saturation, accompanied by in an intro, declining margins. ? High vulnerability to rapid changes, such as changes in technology, product obsolescence, orinterest rates. ? Significant declines in customer demand and what is the word in spanish, increasing business failures in either the industry or overall economy. ? Operating losses making the threat of intro bankruptcy, foreclosure, or hostile takeover imminent. ? Recurring negative cash flows from operations or an inability to philosophy thesis generate cash flows from operations while reporting earnings and earnings growth. ? Rapid growth or unusual profitability especially compared to that of other companies in the same industry. ? New accounting, statutory, or regulatory requirements. Excessive pressure exists for management to meet the requirements or expectations of third parties due to the following: ? Profitability or trend level expectations of investment analysts, institutional investors, significant creditors, or other external parties (particularly expectations that are unduly aggressive or unrealistic), including expectations created by management in, for example, overly optimistic press releases or annual report messages.

Need to obtain additional debt or equity financing to what to include in an essay intro stay competitive–including financing of major research and development or capital expenditures. Marginal ability to meet exchange listing requirements or debt repayment or other debt covenant requirements. ? Perceived or real adverse effects of generator reporting poor financial results on significant pending transactions, such as business combinations or contract awards. Information available indicates that the personal financial situationof management or those charged with governance is threatened by the entity’s financial performance arising from the what essay intro, following: ? Significant financial interests in what, the entity. ? Significant portions of their compensation (for example, bonuses, stock options, and earn-out arrangements) being contingent upon achievingaggressive targets for stock price, operating results, financial position, or cash flow.25 ? Personal guarantees of debts of the entity. There is excessive pressure on to include in an essay intro management or operating personnel to meet financial targets established by those charged with governance, including sales or profitability incentive goals. Opportunities. The nature of the industry or the and political, entity’s operations provides opportunities to to include essay intro engage in fraudulent financial reporting that can arise from the following: Significant related-party transactions not in how to a essay, the ordinary course of business or with related entities not audited or audited by what in an essay intro, another firm. A strong financial presence or ability to paper dominate a certain industry sector that allows the entity to dictate terms or conditions tosuppliers or customers that may result in to include in an, inappropriate or non-arm’s-length transactions. Assets, liabilities, revenues, or expenses based on significant estimates that involve subjective judgments or uncertainties that are difficult to corroborate. Significant, unusual, or highly complex transactions, especially those close to period end that pose difficult “substance over form” questions. Significant operations located or conducted across international borders in jurisdictions where differing business environments and cultures exist.

Use of business intermediaries for which there appears to be no clear business justification. Mla Research! Significant bank accounts or subsidiary or branch operations in tax-haven jurisdictions for which there appears to be no clear business justification. The monitoring of management is not effective as a result of the following: ? Domination of management by a single person or small group (in a non owner-managed business) without compensating controls. Oversight by those charged with governance over the financial reporting process and internal control is not effective. There is a complex or unstable organizational structure, as evidenced by the following: Difficulty in what in an intro, determining the organization or individuals that have controlling interest in the entity. Overly complex organizational structure involving unusual legal entities or managerial lines of authority. ? High turnover of senior management, legal counsel, or those charged with governance. Internal control components are deficient as a result of the following: Inadequate monitoring of controls, including automated controls and controls over interim financial reporting (where external reporting is required).

High turnover rates or employment of accounting, internal audit, or informationtechnology staff that are not effective. Mla Research Format! Accounting and information systems that are not effective, including situations involving significant deficiencies in internal control. Communication, implementation, support, or enforcement of the entity’s values or ethical standards by management, or the communication of inappropriate values or ethical standards, that are not effective. Nonfinancial management’s excessive participation in or preoccupation with the selection of accountingpolicies or the determination of significant estimates. Known history of intro violations of securities laws or other laws and regulations, or claims against the entity, its senior management, or those charged with governance alleging fraud or violations of laws and thesis generator for expository essay, regulations. Excessive interest by management in maintaining or increasing the entity’s stock price or earnings trend. To Include! The practice by mla research format, management of committing to analysts, creditors, and other third parties to achieve aggressive or unrealistic forecasts. Management failing to remedy known significant deficiencies in internal control on a timely basis. An interest by management in employing inappropriate means to minimize reported earnings for tax-motivated reasons. Low morale among senior management. The owner-manager makes no distinction between personal and what in an essay, business transactions.

Dispute between shareholders in a closely held entity. Recurring attempts by management to justify marginal or inappropriate accounting on a essay the basis of materiality. The relationship between management and the current or predecessor auditor is strained, as exhibited by essay intro, the following: Frequent disputes with the current or predecessor auditor on accounting, auditing, or reporting matters. 0 Unreasonable demands on the auditor, such as unrealistic time constraints regarding the watermark paper, completion of the audit or the issuance of the auditor’s report. 0 Restrictions on the auditor that inappropriately limit access to people or information or the ability to communicate effectively with those charged with governance. 0 Domineering management behavior in dealing with the auditor, especially involving attempts to influence the scope of the auditor’s work or the in an, selection or continuance of paper personnel assigned to or consulted on the audit engagement. Risk Factors Arising from Misstatements Arising from Misappropriation of Assets Risk factors that relate to misstatements arising from misappropriation of to include essay assets are also classified according to the three conditions generally present when fraud exists: incentives/pressures, opportunities, and attitudes/rationalization. Ghost Paper! Some of the what to include in an essay intro, risk factors related to misstatements arising from fraudulent financial reporting also may be present when misstatements arising from misappropriation of assets occur. For example, ineffective monitoring of management and other deficiencies in internal control may be present when misstatements due to either fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets exist.

The following are examples of risk factors related to misstatements arising from misappropriation of assets. Incentives/Pressures. Personal financial obligations may create pressure on management or employees with access to ghost writer cash or other assets susceptible to theft to misappropriate those assets. Adverse relationships between the entity and employees with access to cash or other assets susceptible to theft may motivate those employees to misappropriate those assets. In An! For example, adverse relationships may be created by the following: ? Known or anticipated future employee layoffs. Recent or anticipated changes to format employee compensation or benefit plans. To Include Essay Intro! Promotions, compensation, or other rewards inconsistent with expectations. Certain characteristics or circumstances may increase the susceptibility of assets to misappropriation. For example, opportunities to misappropriate assets increase when there are the following: Large amounts of cash on hand or processed. Inventory items that are small in how to plan paper, size, of what in an essay intro high value, or in high demand. Easily convertible assets, such as bearer bonds, diamonds, or computer chips.

Fixed assets which are small in size, marketable, or lacking observable identification of ownership. Inadequate internal control over watermark assets may increase the susceptibility of misappropriation of those assets. For example, misappropriation of assets may occur because there is the following: Inadequate segregation of duties or independent checks. Inadequate oversight of senior management expenditures, such as travel and other re-imbursements. Inadequate management oversight of employees responsible for assets, for example, inadequate supervision or monitoring of remote locations. Essay Intro! Inadequate job applicant screening of employees with access to assets. Inadequate record keeping with respect to assets. Inadequate system of authorization and approval of transactions (for example, in purchasing). Inadequate physical safeguards over what essay in spanish cash, investments, inventory, or fixed assets.

Lack of complete and timely reconciliations of what to include in an intro assets. Lack of anti-copy timely and appropriate documentation of transactions, for example, credits for merchandise returns. To Include Essay Intro! Lack of mandatory vacations for employees performing key control functions. Inadequate management understanding of information technology, which enables information technology employees to perpetrate a misappropriation. How To Plan Paper! Inadequate access controls over automated records, including controls over and review of computer systems event logs. Disregard for the need for what to include in an, monitoring or reducing risks related to misappropriations of assets.

Disregard for internal control over and political philosophy thesis misappropriation of assets by overriding existing controls or by failing to take appropriate remedial action on in an known deficiencies in internal control. Behavior indicating displeasure or dissatisfaction with the entity or its treatment of the employee. ? Changes in behavior or lifestyle that may indicate assets have been misappropriated. Tolerance of petty theft. Examples of Possible Audit Procedures to Address the Assessed Risks of social Material Misstatement Due to Fraud The following are examples of possible audit procedures to address the assessed risks of material misstatement due to fraud resulting from in an essay, both fraudulent financial reporting and mla research, misappropriation of what in an intro assets. Although these procedures cover a broad range of situations, they are only examples and, accordingly they may not be the most appropriate nor necessary in each circumstance.

Also the order of the procedures provided is not intended to reflect their relative importance. Consideration at the Assertion Level. Specific responses to what essay in spanish the auditor’s assessment of the to include essay, risks of material misstatement due to fraud will vary depending upon the types or combinations of fraud risk factors or conditions identified, and the classes of transactions, account balances, disclosures and assertions they may affect. The following are specific examples of responses: Visiting locations or performing certain tests on mla research a surprise or unannounced basis. For example, observing inventory at locations where auditor attendance has not been previously announced or counting cash at a particular date on a surprise basis.

Requesting that inventories be counted at the end of the reporting period or on a date closer to period end to minimize the in an essay, riskof manipulation of balances in how to plan, the period between the date of what to include intro completion of the count and the end of the reporting period. Altering the audit approach in the current year. For example, contacting major customers and suppliers orally in addition to sendingwritten confirmation, sending confirmation requests to a specific party within an what in spanish organization, or seeking more or different information. Performing a detailed review of the entity’s quarter-end or year-end adjusting entries and investigating any that appear unusual as to nature or amount. For significant and unusual transactions, particularly those occurring at or near year-end, investigating the possibility of related parties and to include essay intro, the sources of financial resources supporting the transactions. Performing substantive analytical procedures using disaggregated data. How To Plan Paper! For example, comparing sales and cost of sales by location, line of business or month to expectations developed by to include essay, the auditor. ? Conducting interviews of personnel involved in areas where a risk ofmaterial misstatement due to fraud has been identified, to obtain their insights about the risk and whether, or how, controls address the risk. Mla Research Format! When other independent auditors are auditing the what in an, financial statements of one or more subsidiaries, divisions orbranches, discussing with them the extent of work necessary to be performed to watermark address the assessed risk of material misstatement due to fraud resulting from transactions and activities among these components. If the work of an expert becomes particularlysignificant with respect to a financial statement item for which the assessed risk of to include misstatement due to fraud is high, performing additional procedures relating to some or all of the expert’s assumptions, methods or findings to determine that the findings are not unreasonable, or engaging another expert for that purpose. Performing audit procedures to paper analyze selected opening balance sheet accounts of previously audited financial statements to assess how certain issues involving accounting estimates and judgments, for example, an allowance for sales returns, were resolved with the what, benefit of hindsight.

Performing procedures on account or other reconciliations prepared by the entity, including considering reconciliations performed at interim periods. Performing computer-assisted techniques, such as data mining to test for anomalies in social, a population. Essay Intro! Testing the integrity of a essay paper computer-produced records and transactions. Seeking additional audit evidence from sources outside of the entity being audited. Specific Responses—Misstatement Resulting from Fraudulent Financial Reporting Examples of responses to the auditor’s assessment of the risks of material misstatement due to fraudulent financial reporting are as follows: Revenue Recognition. Performing substantive analytical procedures relating to what to include in an essay intro revenue using disaggregated data, for example, comparing revenue reported by thesis generator for expository essay, month and by product line or business segment during the current reporting period with comparable prior periods. Computer-assisted audit techniques may be useful in identifying unusual or unexpected revenue relationships or transactions. Confirming with customers certain relevant contract terms and the absence of side agreements, because the appropriate accounting often is influenced by such terms or agreements and basis for rebates or the period to which they relate are often poorly documented. What Intro! For example, acceptance criteria, delivery and payment terms, the absence of future or continuing vendor obligations, the right to return the product, guaranteed resale amounts, and cancellation or refund provisions often are relevant in such circumstances. Inquiring of the mla research, entity’s sales and marketing personnel or in-house legal counsel regarding sales or shipments near the end of the period and in an intro, their knowledge of any unusual terms or conditions associated with these transactions.

Being physically present at one or more locations at watermark period end to observe goods being shipped or being readied for shipment (or returns awaiting processing) and performing other appropriate sales and inventory cutoff procedures. For those situations for which revenue transactions are electronically initiated, processed, and recorded, testing controls to to include in an essay intro determine whether they provide assurance that recorded revenue transactions occurred and are properly recorded. Examining the entity’s inventory records to identify locations or items that require specific attention during or after the how to plan, physical inventory count. Observing inventory counts at what in an essay intro certain locations on anunannounced basis or conducting inventory counts at all locations on the same date. Conducting inventory counts at for expository essay or near the end of the reporting period to minimize the risk of inappropriate manipulation during the period between the count and the end of the reporting period.

Performing additional procedures during the observation of the count, for example, more rigorously examining the contents of boxed items, the manner in which the goods are stacked (for example, hollow squares) or labeled, and essay intro, the quality (that is, purity, grade, or concentration) of anti-copy liquid substances such as perfumes or specialty chemicals. Using the work of an expert may be helpful in to include in an essay, this regard. Comparing the quantities for the current period with prior periods by class or category of inventory, location or other criteria, or comparison of quantities counted with perpetual records. Using computer-assisted audit techniques to further test the compilation of the physical inventory counts–for example, sorting by tag number to test tag controls or by item serial number to ghost paper test the possibility of item omission or duplication. Using an expert to develop an independent estimate for comparison to management’s estimate. ? Extending inquiries to individuals outside of management and the accounting department to corroborate management’s ability and what in an essay, intent to carry out plans that are relevant to developing the estimate. Specific Responses—Misstatements Due to Misappropriation of what in spanish Assets Differing circumstances would necessarily dictate different responses.

Ordinarily, the audit response to an assessed risk of material misstatement due to what to include in an fraud relating to misappropriation of assets will be directed toward certain account balances and and political philosophy thesis, classes of what to include transactions. Although some of the audit responses noted in the two categories above may apply in such circumstances, the scope of the social, work is to be linked to the specific information about the in an essay intro, misappropriation risk that has been identified. Examples of responses to the auditor’s assessment of the risk of material misstatements due to misappropriation of assets are as follows: ? Counting cash or securities at and political thesis or near year-end. ? Confirming directly with customers the account activity (including credit memo and sales return activity as well as dates payments were made) for the period under audit. In An Essay Intro! ? Analyzing recoveries of written-off accounts. ? Analyzing inventory shortages by location or product type. Ghost Paper! ? Comparing key inventory ratios to industry norm. ? Reviewing supporting documentation for reductions to the perpetual inventory records. Performing a computerized match of the vendor list with a list of employees to identify matches of intro addresses or phone numbers. Performing a computerized search of payroll records to thesis generator for expository essay identify duplicate addresses, employee identification or taxing authority numbers or bank accounts ? Reviewing personnel files for those that contain little or no evidence of activity, for example, lack of performance evaluations. ? Analyzing sales discounts and returns for unusual patternsor trends. ? Confirming specific terms of contracts with third parties. What To Include In An Intro! ? Obtaining evidence that contracts are being carried out in and political philosophy thesis, accordance with their terms. ? Reviewing the propriety of to include in an intro large and unusual expenses. Reviewing the authorization and watermark paper, carrying value of senior management and related party loans. ? Reviewing the level and propriety of expense reports submitted by senior management.

Examples of Circumstances that Indicate the Possibility of to include essay intro Fraud The following are examples of circumstances that may indicate the possibility that the financial statements may contain a material misstatement resulting from fraud. Discrepancies in the accounting records, including: ? Transactions that are not recorded in a complete or timely manner or are improperly recorded as to mla research format amount, accounting period, classification, or entity policy. ? Unsupported or unauthorized balances or transactions. ? Last-minute adjustments that significantly affect financial results. ? Evidence of employees’ access to what to include in an systems and records inconsistent with that necessary to perform their authorized duties. ? Tips or complaints to the auditor about alleged fraud. Conflicting or missing evidence, including: ? Documents that appear to what have been altered. ? Unavailability of other than photocopied or electronically transmitted documents when documents in original form are expected to exist. ? Significant unexplained items on intro reconciliations.

? Unusual balance sheet changes, or changes in trends or important financial statement ratios or relationships –for example,receivables growing faster than revenues. ? Inconsistent, vague, or implausible responses from management or employees arising from ghost writer, inquiries or analytical procedures. ? Unusual discrepancies between the entity’s records and confirmation replies. ? Large numbers of credit entries and what essay intro, other adjustments made to accounts receivable records. ? Unexplained or inadequately explained differences between the accounts receivable sub-ledger and the control account, or between the customer statements and the accounts receivable sub-ledger. ? Missing or non-existent cancelled checks in circumstances where cancelled checks are ordinarily returned to the entity with the bank statement. ? Missing inventory or physical assets of significant magnitude. Mla Research! ? Unavailable or missing electronic evidence, inconsistent with the entity’s record retention practices or policies. Fewer responses to confirmations than anticipated or a greater number of responses than anticipated. ? Inability to produce evidenceof key systems development and to include in an essay, program change testing and anti-copy paper, implementation activities for current-year system changes and deployments. Problematic or unusual relationships between the to include essay, auditor and management, including: ? Denial of access to records, facilities, certain employees, customers, vendors, or others from watermark, whom audit evidence might be sought. ? Undue time pressures imposed by management to resolve complex or contentious issues. ? Complaints by management about the what to include essay, conduct of the audit or management intimidation of engagement team members, particularly in connection with the how to plan a essay paper, auditor’s critical assessment of audit evidence or in the resolution of potential disagreements with management. Unusual delays by the entity in intro, providing requested information. ? Unwillingness to facilitate auditor access to key electronic files for testing through the use of computer-assisted audit techniques. ? Denial of access to key IT operations staff and paper, facilities, including security, operations, and systems development personnel. To Include In An! ? An unwillingness to add or revise disclosures in the financial statements to make them more complete and understandable. ? An unwillingness to what is the word address identified deficiencies in internal control on a timely basis. Unwillingness by what essay intro, management to permit theauditor to meet privately with those charged with governance. ? Accounting policies that appear to format be at variance with industry norms. To Include In An Essay! ? Frequent changes in accounting estimates that do not appear to result from changed circumstances. ? Toleranceof violations of the entity’s code of conduct. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and mla research, order Examples Of Fraud Risk Factors. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Examples Of Fraud Risk Factors.

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